Romanovská Tichý Hrubý - Bylo to právě

Anna Romanovská - housle, koto
Petr Tichý – kontrabas
Michal Hrubý - klarinet, basklarinet, flétna

1. It was right at the Beginning of Winter...
2. Concerto for Koto and Chamber Orchestra I
3. I'm Playing the Composition We're Playing
4. The Short One
5. Without Saying
6. Beats
7. Number 9
8. Elisabeth's Song
9. …When the First Snow Fell

Hevhetia, Košice 2020
Rec Alex Tomin 1. 7. 2019 at Colloredo-Mansfelds Palace,
Mix a mastering Alex Tomin 2020
Production Anna Romanovská, Petr Tichý a Michal Hrubý
Foto Peter Beňo
Cover © Peter Beňo, 2020
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Romanovská Tichý Hrubý - přední strana

Anna Romanovská - violin, koto
Petr Tichý – double bass
Michal Hrubý - clarinet, backlarinet, tenor saxofon

1. Ach kocoure kocoure
2. Ladění I
3. Moře sněhu
4. Impro I
5. Impro II
6. Impro III

Hevhetia, Košice 2018
Recorded by Alex Tomin 18th January 2017
Mastered by Jan Košulič
Produced by Anna Romanovská, Petr Tichý a Michal Hrubý
Foto by Michael Romanovský
Cover © Peter Beňo, 2018




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Romanovská Tichý Hrubý

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Romanovská Tichý Hrubý

Romanovská Tichý Hrubý

The trio features Anna Romanovská Fliegrová on violin and koto, Petr Tichý on upright bass and Michal Hrubý on clarinet, saxophone and flute who indulge mostly in free improvisation. Very much like their musical instruments, the musicians themselves come from very different musical backgrounds. Anna Romanovská is a classically trained violinist and is particularly influenced by contemporary classical music, where she is in her home territory. The Japanese 13- string zither called koto played by Anna brings an oriental feel to the sound of the trio. With his multi-genre approach, Petr Tichý, whose musical foundations stem from his study of jazz bass at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and at the Jazz Interpretation Department of HAMU in Prague, reveals his rootedness in folklore and folk. Michal Hrubý and his punk-folk music origins, expanded by his extraordinary music knowledge crossing through centuries and music styles, congenially complements the sound of the trio by the indispensable element of the unexpected.



29. June, Praha - Kostel Sv.Vavřince na Malé Straně - RTH & Hana Blažíková & Klaus Kugel
30.June, Pardubice, Divadlo 29 - RTH & Hana Blažíková & Klaus Kugel
1.July, Zámek Dobrohoř - RTH & Hana Blažíková & Klaus Kugel
13.August Dobršská brána s Hanou Blažíkovou
20.August Bratislava - Hevhevtia fest - RTH & Klaus Kugel
17.September Praha - Space X s Hanou Blažíkovou
15.October Ústí nad Labem - RTH & Klaus Kugel



10. February Potrvá - With Matouš Hejl
6. April, 19.00, Ta kavárna - with Annabelle Plum
20. April, 19.00, Filmařská
10. June - Tuchoměřice
17.June 20:00 Romanovská Tichý Hrubý with Hana Blažíková - Hól Holešovice
18. July, 14.00, Loukov - festival "V Loukově u muziky" - RTH & Rybicki
21. July RTH & Garth Knox - Hól Holešovice
30. August - Festival Boskovice
23. September, Tuchoměřice
29. September, 11.00, Teplice, Zahradní a plesový dům - RTH & Klaus Kugel
30. September 19.00, Broumov, klášterní kostel sv. Vojtěcha - RTH & Klaus Kugel
1. October, 20.00, Pardubice, Divadlo 29 - RTH & Klaus Kugel
3. October, Zámek Dobrohoř - RTH & Klaus Kugel
4. October, Praha - RTH & Klaus Kugel

Romanovská Tichý Hrubý



15. January 20:00 Božská Lahvice
17. January 14:00 Terezín>
23. February Volyně 2. May, 20.00 - Božská Lahvice
3. May, 20.30 - Jazz Cafe Passa - Pasov, Bräugasse 17 Jazz Cafe Passa
18. May, 14.00 - Kryštofovo údolí - vernisáž Václava Maliny
24. May, 20.00 - Městské kulturní středisko Vimperk - Vimperk - MKS Vimperk
23. July, 20.00 - Božská lahvice - Praha, Italská 13 Božská Lahvice
13. August - Pragovka - Orchestr Berg - performance MatoušeHejl
12. September, 20.00 - Pražský šakuhačiový festival - Neiro
13. October, 17.00 - Benefiční koncert pro ADRU - Sbor CSAD Litoměřice
4. November Café Potrvá - with Matoušem Hejlem
19. November Teplice
17. December Božská Lahvice



5. July, 19.30 - Festival Boskovice, synagoga
16. July, 17.00 - Hevhetiafest, Košice
21. July, 17.00 - Festival čajových nadšenců, Kadaň
15. August - Avoid Floating Gallery
18. August, 13:00 - festival Dobršská brána, Dobrš
23. August, 11.00 - setkání mládeže, Terezín
15. October 20.00 - Božská Lahvice
29. October 20.00 - S Orchestrem Berg Hybernská 4
10. November 23:00 - live Radio 1
11. November 20:00 - Božská Lahvice


A trio of unique musicians – violinist Anna Romanovská, upright bassist Petr Tichý and clarinet player Michal Hrubý – are releasing their debut album on the renowned Slovak label, Hevhetia. Walking a fine line between jazz and classical music, their compositions echo folkloric influences as well. The primary reference here is the exotic sound of the koto, played by Romanovská. Four pieces are free improvisation and even those penned by Hrubý are loose in structure. Tichý is the guide through all of them on an acoustic bass with gut strings of his own making, following the model of folk musicians in Terchová. Zdeněk Slabý will launch the album at Čítárna Unijazzu on Wednesday, 25 April from 8 pm. The title of the opening track refers to the origins of the Romanovská Tichý Hrubý trio’s debut. The composition can also be heard on the compilation Jiná hudba pro Kocoura Vavřince (Other Music for Vavřinec the Cat, Polí5). Writer and music critic Zdeněk K. Slabý put the album together last year to mark the 50th anniversary of the comic book character known from the Czech children’s magazine Mateřídouška. Hrubý is one of the avant-garde musicians he approached. “Hrubý took the opportunity very seriously, plotting a brand new trio. The ensemble imbued ‘Ach kocoure kocoure’ (Oh Tomcat) with disarming lightness, conciseness and dreamy nostalgia,” sums up Slabý. Hrubý’s composition rightly earned accolades such as “revival with hints of folk music” (Alex Švamberk) and “The album’s first high point!” (Jan Hocek). Hock is intrigued by a “mix of the Japanese instrument koto with a jazzy bass and a prominent minimalist clarinet riff; later on, violin replaces the koto with an overarching part, and finally free jazz leaps in.” “Though we had already recorded two tracks as initially planned, we decided to go on. We didn’t want to stop – it felt like leaving an unfinished cup of coffee,” Tichý explains how the debut album came about. „Ach kocoure kocoure“ opens up the gate to adventurous musical landscapes of improvisation. The listener has to get there through a sea of snow („Moře sněhu“), the second composition by Hrubý, who considers studio improvisation to be “more concise, song-like, or composed” than improvising on stage. This creative approach is intrinsic to all three musicians across their multiple musical projects, some of them shared. “Improvising is the highest form of my internal freedom. If I get a chance to meet great, inspiring musicians in this – somewhat infinite – space, it is always great joy for me. Petr Tichý and Michal Hrubý are such musicians, without a doubt,” Romanovská comments on their collaboration. The affinity between Hrubý’s clarinet and saxophone, Romanovská’s violin and koto and obviously Tichý’s upright makes for some courageous and exciting musical pilgrimages. “There was white snow outside and the sun shone brightly on it from a clear blue sky,” Romanovská remembers the recording session. “May at least one of those light rays reach every listener…”

Anna Romanovská Fliegerová(1982) hails from a scientific/musical family. She graduated from the Prague Conservatory and the Faculty of Education of Charles University (in Violin and Music Teaching). She is currently completing her doctoral thesis on “John Buckley – A Contemporary Irish Composer and Teacher” at Charles University. She teaches music theory and violin at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory. She plays with Orchestr Berg, an established ensemble focusing on interpreting contemporary music. She collaborates with Michal Hrubý in the Prázdné hory jsou plné větru a deště project. Her other musical activities include singing, playing the koto and composing. Aside from other projects, she authored the music to the „1+KK“ theatre play.

Petr Tichý(1974) is a Czech acoustic bass player originally from Jablonec nad Nisou. He studied upright bass playing at the Jazz Department of Prague’s HAMU and at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, studying with Petr Kořínek, Jaromír Honzák, Miroslav Vitouš and Jiří Slavík. His flagship projects include the HLASkontraBAS duo with singer Ridina Ahmed and NTS along with Michal Nejtek and Štěpán Smetáček. Petr Tichý has worked with Floex, Orchestr Berg, the Continuo theatre, Marek Novotný, Vladimír Václavek, Palo Hammel, Ondřej Škoch, Míra Kemel, Sylvie Krobová, Feng-yűng Song, Jono Bono, Paul Novotny and Alexander Yasinsky, Květovaný kůň, Duende and many others. On this recording, he is playing gut strings of his own making, following the model of folk musicians in Terchová. For Petr, free improvising is like having a nice cup of coffee with friends.

Michal Hrubý(1973) plays clarinets, tenor saxophone and Slovak folkloric whistles (overtone whistles, six-hole whistles…). He got his start with Sveřepé prase, a rock outfit, then formed and led the bands Neočekávaný dýchánek and Kapitán Kajman. Michal has been focusing primarily on free improvisation since 2009. He is currently active as part of several different ensembles (Květovaný kůň aneb Hanzlová Hrubý Svoboda Tichý, Prázdné hory jsou plné větru a deště, Drozdi a droždí...). He says of his music: “I like making sounds.”